Weight Loss with Ayurvedic Herbs

Weight Loss with Ayurvedic Herbs

Being overweight is not something that anyone prefers. Even after trying numerous weight loss techniques, people find it difficult to hit their weight loss goal. Not only are the many health issues associated with being overweight, but it also affects the mental health and confidence of the person because of the sarcastic notion from people about their weight. 

Before we talk about the Ayurvedic Herbs for weight loss, we have to understand why Ayurvedic herbs should be in your diet for your overall health. If you take any Ayurvedic herb or ingredient, you are not only getting the benefit of weight loss but many other benefits. One of the main reasons people still use Ayurvedic herbs is their overall effect on improving health.

People prefer to use Ayurvedic herbs over other synthetic medications because they are natural and have little to no side effects. Implementing Ayurvedic herbs into one’s lifestyle would help in improving the quality of life.

Another thing to note is that getting these herbs is easy and inexpensive if you reside in India. Ayurvedic stores exist in nearly every city and town in India, and all herbs would be available. The ease of getting these herbs makes them preferable over other medications.

If you are tired of trying synthetic weight loss pills, fat burners, juice diets, keto diets, and many other “guaranteed weight loss methods”, it is worth giving a try to these 5 Ayurvedic herbs to lose weight under ayurvedic professional guidance.


5 Ayurvedic Herbs for weight loss

Here are 5 Indian herbs for weight loss that would help you be in the best shape you wish for:


Triphala is one of the oldest Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss. It has proven results in weight loss and giving therapeutic benefits. A combination of Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki makes up Triphala. The best benefit of Triphala is that you can experience a reduction in the belly area or the circumference of the waist. Triphala has also been proven to reduce inflammation and may protect against cancer. Athletes benefit from consuming Triphala by increasing their performance in their sport. Protection against various heart diseases is shown, helping people indulge in more physical activity. Triphala works in a way that helps reduce weight through the reaction it has on your body, making you more active helping to burn calories which results in weight loss.


Guggul for weight loss

Guggul is a famous herb used globally for its anti-inflammatory properties and weight loss benefits. People who consume Guggul have benefited significantly in losing weight and helped them manage diabetics in this process. Guggul helps break down fat easily, reducing the waist circumference in those who have a big waist. People diagnosed with diabetes are benefited most because of its weight reduction property and ability to prevent and protect against chronic diabetes-related diseases. Reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood is observed by those who consume Guggul regularly. 


Chitrak for weight loss

One of the oldest and trusted Ayurvedic herbs, Chitrak, helps in reducing weight when consumed regularly. Chitrak is easily available as it is cultivated in large numbers because of its many health benefits. Chitrak is widely used for controlling diabetes and reducing stress & anxiety. Cholesterol and triglyceride are controlled, which prevents unhealthy weight gain. Digestion is improved when Chitrak is added to the diet, which aids in weight loss. Fat deposition is restricted, resulting in a reduction of belly fat in consumers. Constipation is treated with Chitrak, and this helps in preventing unwanted weight gain. 

Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon is commonly found in every household and is a spice used for adding flavours to many dishes. People who add cinnamon to their meals have experienced a rise in their metabolic and energy levels. Cinnamon consists of natural fibre, which makes you feel fuller for a longer period. Suppression of hunger is common while consuming cinnamon regularly. The anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon also help in weight loss. In the weight loss world, it is popular to mix cinnamon with coffee for the aromatic flavour and combined properties of weight loss that both coffee and cinnamon have. 


Trikatu for weight loss

Trikatu is made with ingredients that make the body hot resulting in increased metabolism. An equal part of ginger, long and black pepper makes up Trikatu kadha. The increase in metabolism reduces weight and sheds fat like a hot knife on butter. Trikatu helps in better digestion that makes losing weight a much easier process. If you have trouble managing cholesterol, Trikatu could help in reducing bad cholesterol from the blood. Having Trikatu could heat your body, so you should not consume it on days you feel extremely dehydrated or nauseous. 

All these herbs are Ayurvedic weight loss remedies tried and tested for centuries on millions of people. Even though these are natural herbs, You should consume Ayurvedic herbs after consulting with an ayurvedic physician to determine your desired dosage and what would work for your body. Athreya Ayurvedic Centre has experienced and knowledgeable Ayurvedic experts who could help you in your weight loss journey. Book your consultation today to get a complete Ayurvedic weight loss treatment. 

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