About Athreya

At Athreya Ayurvedic Centre, our focus is on authentic Ayurveda rather than just wellness. Every guest’s treatment plan is responsibly selected and customized to his or her specific needs.  The Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is a place of retreat for anyone seeking a genuine holistic experience for the well-being of the body and mind, With a focus on authentic Ayurveda combine with today’s possibilities of medical science, the medical center offers an alternative to Western medicine. At your service for the holistic regeneration of the your body and mind we have –

  • Guest Care

    Professional and individual care by highly experienced and well-skilled Ayurvedic doctors even before and after your stay.

  • Team

    Dedicated team of highly trained & experienced therapists and staff who are always ready to help and serve you.

  • Authentic

    At Athreya, we practice Authentic Ayurveda traditions proven over centuries that are based on holistic treatment of an individual.

  • Yoga

    Yoga classes, instructed by an experienced yoga teacher, cultivate inner balance, and help you find inner calm and peace.

  • Food

    We serve healthy & fresh Ayurvedic food that suits your customized treatment plans to stimulate rejuvenation & health.

  • Location

    Spacious campus, clean facilities and peaceful close-to-nature landscape over-looking green & vast paddy fields.

Major Ayurvedic Treatments

At Athreya Ayurvedic Centre, our focus is on authentic Ayurveda rather than just wellness. Every guest’s treatment plan is responsibly selected and customized to his or her specific needs – as the doctors of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre comprise the full expertise of Ayurvedic academic studies as well as the knowledge and experience of more than five generations of Ayurvedic doctors. They give clear recommendations for their patients’ health improvement and overall well-being.


The Kerala Panchakarma treatment is famous for its beneficial effects on the overall health and the well-being of an individual. It is a unique detoxification and regeneration programme for body and mind.

Kutee Praveshika Rasayana

Kutee Praveshika Rasayana is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which goes back to the secret practice of the Himalayan yogis – masters of anti-ageing themselves – and its knowledge was almost lost to the public.


Yoga addresses the needs of the physical body, the mind and the spirit. Yoga is a way of life, a nourishing practice that can separate the mind from the limitations of the body and cultivates inner balance, calm and peace.


The PCOS treatment provided by Athreya is aimed at helping the situation and its Non-recurrence, and we try our best to deliver results based on the road map of recovery of your health.


Based on the classical principles of Ayurveda science, Athreya brings a tailor-made treatment plan made exclusively for the particular patient.

Cancer Care

The Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment is a natural approach for cancer care and cure. We also provide cancer care and treatment using the best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

Awards & Accolades

At Athreya, our greatest emphasis is on providing Authentic Ayurvedic treatments to our customers. Equally important to us are the health and well being of our patients and guests. Athreya has always remained top in the most preferred ayurvedic resorts in kerala . That is why Tripadvisor has conferred Athreya with the prestigious Travelers Choice Award, an award that only 1% of the properties around the world has been able to secure. We are recognized by our customers and the industry for our leadership in providing Ayurvedic treatments in its most authentic format. Our recent achievements include:

ayurvedic centre
ayurvedic centre

Facilities at Athreya

At Athreya, we are deeply committed to the highest standards of excellence in medical care. At the same time we place a lot of importance on the traditional values of hospitality and compassionate patient care. Our primary concern is to ensure that your health and comfort receives special attention and that you are given the best possible care once you enter the portals of our resort.

Scenic Views of Athreya

Athreya is an Oasis of Health & Rejuvenation. Its healthy, green environment overlooking a beautiful paddy field has a calming effect on body and mind. The campus is also very close to the famous backwaters of Kerala. Enjoy the beauty and calm of Athreya below:

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Aaditya Shivhare
Aaditya Shivhare
November 2, 2021.
World class resort and hospitality in the Adobe of classical kerala weather. Classical traditional Ayurvedic therapy. Resort head Dr Sreejith is an awesome person. By setting his health we can have an idea that he knows the secrets of being healthy with the grace of Ayurvedic sciences. One of the places for which nation should be proud of despite all pharm business, they have preserved the traditional deeply acting Ayurvedic medicine science.
Jinson John
Jinson John
September 22, 2021.
Authentic Ayurveda treatment with peaceful atmosphere... Loved it
Lakshmana Ravula
Lakshmana Ravula
September 19, 2021.
We are two families (5 members) were here for a treatment for individual reasons. I am there for my Spine stenosis issues. This Ayurveda resort has been referred by a friend. Initially it was like a perplex state of mind before coming over here. But as soon as I checked in and started having conversation with Dr. Srejeet and Dr. Jayalakshmi, we were elucidated, and the confidence started building in. The way they started the treatment is very methodical and executed very meticulously. They have their own way of gathering information of our health in where they deep dive into every detail of the body condition and recorded every aspect of it. Every day the treatment was monitored and the response from the body was recorded by the Doctor itself. The Doctors use to spend at least an hour every day with us monitoring our response to the treatment. Only after looking into days activity and the response, the next day treatment used to be charted. I am fascinated by their hospitality. Its not just the Doctors couple. You can expect the same care, respect, and love from every staff member in the compound. Starting from their kitchen staff till the therapists. They treated us with utmost care and concern. We were there for 22 days; we were overwhelmed with contentment and relished every moment of being there. Even after reaching home the doctors were monitoring our progress almost on weekly basis. I would refer this center to any of my friends, family with credence and confidence.
August 15, 2021.
Good for long term treatment
ks s
ks s
February 4, 2021.
Nice place
Govind Deshpande
Govind Deshpande
January 23, 2021.
Good you can rely on

Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Athreya Ayurvedic centre offers one of the best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala and is one of the very few Ayurvedic centres that offer Age halting therapy treatment in the world. Every treatments offered in Athreya Ayurvedic centre is done by experienced physicians who aim to give the best treatment while you’re at Athreya. 

Before choosing a package, the physicians are consulted to draw out the problems you face to decide upon the kind of package you should be put in. At Athreya, we do recommend you packages just for namesake, but if that particular package would benefit you then you would be advised to finish that package. Athreya offers single occupancy and double occupancy for the treatment. The duration of the package may vary according to the treatments selected and your health condition.