benefits of ayurvedic backpain treatment

Benefits of Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is one of the most common health issues found in people across all age groups nowadays. We are moving towards a more technology-driven world and sitting down is more common than before. All these add to the causes of back pain. 

Back pain can affect people regardless of their age or gender. It could be because of an injury, health condition, or physical activity. Understanding the causes of back pain is the first course of back pain treatment in Ayurveda. Let us see what are the major causes of back pain according to Ayurveda. 


Causes of Back Pain

causes of ayurvedic backpain treatment

Understanding the cause of back pain is important to know what treatment is needed. Ayurvedic physicians conduct tests to confirm if it is actually back pain or abdominal pain, sometimes we won’t be able to tell the difference when we are in pain. 

There are 3 main causes of back pain according to Ayurveda.

1. Inflammatory 

To find out if you have back pain due to inflammation is easy and this is the most common type of back pain. What is called ‘rest pain’ is common in inflammatory back pain. When you wake up from your sleep or after lying down for a long time you may experience stiffness in your back. Treating inflammation is easier than other types of back pain. Applying heat is something that is commonly advised to provide instant relief from inflammatory back pain. Applying medicated oils and mild massaging could help in treating back pain. 

2. Degenerative

Degenerative back pain is commonly found in the lower back area. The three factors of degenerative back pain are that it exceeds the pain when you do some kind of uncomfortable activity, get exposed to cold and experience relief when you rest. Degenerative pain is curable but is difficult for people above 60 years of age. Ayurvedic therapies would be able to give a good quality of life for all age groups. 

3. Cancer-related constant pain

People experiencing back pain all the time are at risk of cancer-related pain. It is close to oncology care and is nearly impossible to cure.

backpain treatment Ayurveda benefits

Solutions & Benefits of Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

There are various Ayurvedic remedies for back pain that have proven to provide temporary and permanent relief to people. The cases of inflammatory back pain could be treated by simple Ayurvedic home remedies for back pain, but should always be done after the consultation of an Ayurvedic physician. 

  • Posture correction is one of the first steps advised by physicians. Most people have a bad posture either crouching down or hanging their head, causing severe strain on their spine leading to upper back pain. Sitting for long hours in a bad position could put a lot of pressure on the lower back pain. Correction of posture could help in providing a simple solution for back pain.
  • Panchakarma provides great relief from back pain as it completely detoxifies your body and provides you with rejuvenation inside out. It provides an anti-degenerative benefit. Not just for the relief of back pain, Panchakarma helps in the overall health of the patients. 
  • Medicated oils are simply Ayurvedic medicines for back pain. The oils are combined in such a way it serves the treatment of back pain while providing an overall strengthening effect for the body. 
  • Herbal medications provide all-around pain relief. As it is made from natural ingredients the side effects are minimal and the benefits are excellent.

Benefits of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre for Back Pain

The focus of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is to find out the root cause for back pain even before the patient visits the retreat. A detailed medical consultation is done through telecommunication to study more about your health condition. By studying and understanding what the root cause of your back pain is, we design the best recovery roadmap for treating your back pain. 

The roadmap would greatly focus on both short term recovery and a full long term recovery from back pain. 

If we can treat the disease even without you attending the retreat we would help in finding solutions to treat you by sending medications and recovery plans.

Athreya practises ‘Snehapan’ which is not found in the majority of the Ayurvedic hospitals. The internal drinking of herbal ghee or herbal oil. Consuming these herbal drinks helps in preventing the recurrence of backaches and many other diseases.  

If you want to experience a pain-free life and improve the quality of your life significantly contact Athreya Ayurvedic Centre.

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