Coconut: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Coconut

Namaste to you. Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda..

Cocos nucifera !!! Simply speaking Naariyal [ IN HINDI ] or coconut..

Well, it’s not only just food, it’s medicine, it’s toddy..It’s an alcohol in that sense of it and of course, it is oil too.

So typically in Kerala, whenever somebody is

1 severely dehydrated, has long-term diarrhea,

or in the past times of cholera, the severely dehydrated person’s thirst was/is easily taken care of by regular little-by-little sipping of coconut..Tender coconut..

2 . The second point is there are many cardiac patients who have very limited amounts of salt in their food.

Deliberately and rightfully so !!

But that does create them lot of fatigue…and again, this coconut, either tender coconut or coconut water sip little by little helps them give strength.

3 .Many people get food poisoning and then many have mercury poisoning by excess usage of fish which has high amounts of mercury.

It’s a tradition here to have a little bit of coconut. Very good detoxifier.

4 . Fourthly, it is used as an aphrodisiac by men because the pieces of coconut have a great impact.

5 .Coconut oil is very healthy for better skin health when externally applied.

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