Bitter gourd: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Bitter gourd

Har Din Har Gar Ayurved The botanical name is Momordica charantia.. very simply Karela (In Hindi)Pavel (or Pavakka) we say in Kerala. Bitter gourd. Even though it’s bitter, it’s also pungent and potency is hot /Garam Mizaj -in Hindi Ushnaveerya -in SANSKRIT . Four simple uses that can be easily utilized are shared here

1 . For those who have chronic itching over the skin surface. Of course, the reason/ DIAGNOSIS has to be tracked whether it’s a kidney disease, liver disease, whatever be it, whatever medications you are having. It definitely helps to have Karela as a paste and mixed with water– paste 10 to 20 grams It has a great effect in reducing itching.

2 Secondly, it is used in high bilirubin levels in jaundice provided it is not obstructive jaundice due to gallstones wherein high bilirubin levels are found and the liver is challenged and 10 to 15 ml of Karela juice twice a day with a similar quantity of Amla juice (Indian gooseberry) twice a day 15 ml – 15 ml and this 30 ml x 3 ( 3 times a day) has a great impact in reducing the liver workload/ stress .

3 . Thirdly its impact on what we call hemorrhoids or piles where in paste of Karela mixed and consumed and processed in Takra that is buttermilk has a great effect in relieving piles complaints to people who suffer from it.

4 . Lastly, its impact is on diabetes. Everyone knows juice of Karela mixed with 3 to 5 grams of haldi powder is a great effect in controlling diabetes. Of course, exercises and calorie restricted diet are a must to get some meaningful benefits .

NB — In Vataja Prameha and in fluctuating blood sugar levels and neurological symptoms of pain ,and in lean debilitated patients it is NOT advised

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