Lemon: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Lemon

Speaking about lemon — nature’s cure for all, as people say -in India [ in good respect and good humour towards lemon] – , it is common in every part of the states to use it as what we call as ‘’Sulaimani ‘’ , where in you have black tea or black coffee made without milk and adding one or two lemon juice added to it

1 . It helps to prevent indigestion and get your stomach relieved after a heavy, luxurious, high-calorie meal.

2 .Secondly, we use it for nausea, indigestion and lack of taste. Juice of lemon [ preferably one or two ] mixed with a bit of honey, a bit of ginger juice has a great effect being a digestive agent.

3. Thirdly, the juice is utilized to be rubbed on the scalp surface for dandruff-like situations. Typically oil coconut-based is made out of it and applied as a Kerala tradition.

4 . Fourthly, whenever somebody has a requirement of vitamin C in high amounts and also needs a good source of potassium , the bleeding from the gums and even with a bit of suppuration, what people generally do they dip the brush, yes, plain toothbrush in lemon juice and make sure that they’re touching it and this provides a lot of relief in the long run and when internally consumed , lemon has a good effect.

5. Lastly, for what they call weight loss, people try a lot but exercise is also very important to lose the bad fat wherein one or two lemon juice mixed with about 10 ml of honey used empty stomach and then go for a run / brisk walking / high intensity cardio to reduce your excess body fat.

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