Aloe Vera: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Aloe Vera

A very commonly used medicine or herb is Aloe vera. Kumari as you say in Hindi, is called as Kattarvazha in Kerala. Cool is its potency.

Following are the practical applications So let us start with external applications.

1. Whenever you have a burn, fresh burn, whatever be the intensity of suffering it is very helpful to have aloe vera opened up and the pulpy part applied. Keep it on the burnt area as much as possible till that area becomes really cool. Practically we observe that after 3 minutes the pulp loses its coolness and becomes normal /warm temperature. At this point, new set of pulp surface needs to be in contact with the burnt area and if there is shortage of pulp at home , then peeling / scratching away the warm surface and exposing the inner portions of pulp is fine too.

2 . Second is its usage in the non-healing ulcers & nail conditions which are koilonychia and most importantly ulcers which are not getting totally healed, wherein the pulp of aloe vera is mixed with good quality turmeric powder and tied as a bandage. Very effective in healing wounds. How ever it is important to determine the cause and pathology of an ulcer -local & systemic causes need to be understood before fully relying on such local based applications. A poorly controlled diabetes level, insufficient blood circulation , nutritional deficiency needs to treated accordingly.

3 .Thirdly, it is used as juice 5-10 ml -internally consumed , 3 times a day in situations of dysmenorrhea, a painful abdomen situation ladies because it has its action in the genital urinary tract and is also a great action for liver and spleen disorders. But in dysmenorrhea, 5-10 ml, 3 times a day is very fantastic to give relief to the pain. Very important. Pregnant ladies should never have aloe vera for obvious reasons.

4. Lastly, the role that it plays in chemotherapy , and its impact in post chemotherapy life is really great because all those who finish chemotherapy, even those who are still in chemotherapy, can utilize it for having a herbal drink out of the aloe vera, making a juice out of it -daily uto 60 ml to 100 ml Aloe vera juice freshly prepared it really ‘’ cools ‘’ the body and flushes off toxins which are not required in the body. Kumaryasavam is a popular and effective medicine of Ayurveda that is utilized by Chemotherapy undergoing patients before , during & after chemotherapy sessions/days These are the great effects of aloe vera on our normal human daily life.

Disclaimer -Aloe vera being ‘’cool ‘’ potency must be avoided as internally consumed when you have running nose/ flu, sinusitis,indigestion, bloated abdomen, chills , rigors,excess salivation, diarroeha, lack of appetite situations.

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