Ginger: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Ginger

Ginger, the most famous and most important ingredient of all the ayurvedic medicaments.

Typically it has multiple uses because it’s a hot potency medicine. You say garam mizaaj [ potency ] in north of India, Zingiber officinale being the official name.

  • It is used for ear aches, provided you ensure that the eardrum is not ruptured ! you ned help of Otoscope to verify this by an Ayurvedic PHYSICIAN /ENT Dr.
    Very important.. FRESH juice of ginger is utilised in 2 to 4 drops pattern 2-4 drops into each ear in severe earache conditions and the same thing applied around the ears and removed after the paste gets dry an d then repeated ..

Please make sure that you have proper medical guidance also.
In case IT IS OOZING FROM EAR & FOUL SMELL & FEVER ,it should NOT be used.

  • Secondly, in Kerala people use it for indigestion spectrum, pain in the abdomen [ upper abdomen—above navel/ belly button ],
    nausea-like tendency, and Indigestion that is created by heavy food — Ginger juice freshly prepared 10 to 15 ml with food or after food two to three times a day.

Fasting is also recommended. It is easy to prepare follows –ginger 5 grams , garlic crushed 5 grams , jeera which is cumin seeds crushed 5 grams are mixed and made as a simple decoction/ herbal tea by boiling in 1.5 litres to 2 litres

  • Thirdly, It has a fantastic effect on the chest -respiratory health ..when you have a cough that doesn’t budge to go away. Cough that is white in colour , not green or yellow coloured sputum, if no chest pain on breathing in [ might be pneumonia for some if pain in chest ] , if no fever.

Of course, when it comes to cough as a symptom, we need to keep a large spectrum of symptoms connected to a large spectrum of diseases. From a simple irritation to lungs we need to consider a silent lung cancer in the back of our mind.

But still, as a home remedy, it doesn’t harm to start with ginger and dry cumin powder. Mixture of daily dose of ten to 15 grams . To make it palatable it is advised to mix a bit of jaggery or white sugar a little bit 5grams approximately and consumed as multiple pinches and pinches through out the day.This brings the cough down in two to three days time if it is troubling for many days before starting this remedy .

  • The most important one that may be not much known to many people is its effect on HICCUPS. In Ayurveda its termed as hikka !! In Hiccups, in Kerala, we typically use ginger powder with multiple pinches used as multiple times. A bit of jaggery helps a lot to bring down hiccups.
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