Neem: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Neem

Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda is a very simple series wherein we would discuss about neem. Azadirachta indica as you say officially/ botanical name. It’s basically the neem leaf and the neem bark, typically known to be a ‘’blood purifier’’.

It has a great effect on skin conditions typically used in Ayurveda in Kerala for skin ailments and where there is an ulcer, you will see a photo.. different kinds of ulcers.

The leaf or the bark of the neem tree is utilized for making a good washing/rinsing with the decoction of the same, however, it has a big importance/ major role in lowering Hypercholesterolemia, lowering high blood sugar. Of course, if you are using insulin, you don’t have to use it.

Nevertheless, an uncommon but effective usage of neem leaf juice is a condition we call in Ayurveda as Viswachi -a neurological condition of neck &arm, wherein you have pain from the shoulder area,neck area & going down the line till the tip of your fingers. This is a neurological condition. It’s like a compressed nerve situation.

This is very comparable to Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy. So it’s not just limited to the skin and the liver, but also the blood purification and the nervous system.

This is very important to realize that we should not be making any sort of excess usage, because that may lead to very low blood sugar levels which is hypoglycemia and dangerous if blood sugar levels go below 50 .

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