Curry leaves: Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda

Herbal Home Remedies Using Curry leaves

Namaste to you. Har din Har gar Ayurveda. Speaking about KAIDARYA as you say,Curry Patha or curry leaf is Garam Mizaj, Ushna veerya, as we say hot potency !! Murraya koenigii the official name.This is a fantastic herb for gastroprotection. Whenever you have food poisoning, very effective when you feel you have overeaten, a lot of diarrhoea happens and Badhazmi, indigestion.

The leaves of this curry leaf actually are boiled in water and consumed multiple times. 10 grams boiled in about a litre of water would be fine. Secondly, it has a great effect when you have diarrhoea with a lot of mucus also going, your blood going, you just have to rub it in buttermilk or even milk. And that has a great effect. Applied as an internal usage as a paste 10 to 15 grams, two to three times a day. More importantly, it has a great effect on respiratory allergies.

The legendary Raghavan Thirumulpad sir, the Padma Vibhushangreat legend of Ayurveda Acharya of Kerala. He has been using it very effectively. Mixed with haldi, haldi and curry leaf.Great effect on respiratory health as paste 5 to 10 grams morning and evening.Most importantly, whenever there is a bite by any insect, kind of small-scale poisoned bite. The toxins are very well taken out when curry leaf is mixed with milk, made as a paste and applied to the infected area bringing down the pain and swelling.

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