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Escaping Stressful Situations & Understanding the Importance of Self-relaxation

Martha came all the way from Spain to visit Athreya for the first time in July 2018 for over a week. When she came to know about the positive approach to Ayurveda medicine and the unique treatments given by Doctor Sreejith, Martha found them entirely different from the methods followed by doctors over Europe.

  • Patient Name: Martha L
  • Country: Madrid, Spain
  • Medical condition tested for: Diabetics
  • Arrived with Symptoms: unstable sugar levels, Stress
  • Condition after treatment: Improved sugar level and ability to cope up with stress

It did not take long before she decided to go for a full 21 days treatment. “It was the rainy season, and it is said that it is the best time to undergo an Ayurveda treatment. So, there I was prepared to get fully detox and a complete reset of my body and soul”.

Before coming to Athreya, Martha was diagnosed with Diabetics and unstable sugar levels. Her heath condition was re-examined by the Doctors on her arrival here. She then informed them about her inability to cope up with her emotions during stressful situations that take place on a day-to-day basis, which was noted down and observed throughout her stay in Athreya.
She comments on her decision that drove her to visit Athreya saying “For me coming to Athreya has been the start of a new life. Where I am able to see the changes, I need to make and to find the strength to confront the uncertainty of the future”.

Martha recounts that during her stay, the doctors checked on her everyday and gave the right instructions to the assistants. She was all praise for Dr. Sreejit and the assistants who she says were very friendly and treated her with a lot of care. “Dr. Sreejit is certainly a great Doctor, but even greater than that is his special energy and his incredible ability to see beyond the symptoms we see and tell, in a way where mind and body are fully related”.

The treatment that was given to Martha also included Yoga classes at regular intervals. She took Yoga lessons from Mr. Jaykumar and claims to have dedicated many hours for self-relaxation and observed a great improvement in her body.

In addition to the peaceful environment that contributed to her healing of stress, she was surprised when her sugar levels were almost equal to that of a non-diabetic person during her stay. She says “My body and mind got cleaned and I found myself. I became calmer and more secure, and gained the energy I need to return to our crazy world. I gained a lot in heath. No doubt about it”.

Throughout her stay Martha says that she was able to get the time needed time for her body to heal, to learn to listen to her mind, and to be ready to come back to her busy every day. Martha is now assured that she can return to her country with her newly found energy.

Martha was one among the many guests who returned to Athreya, to repeat their treatments. During both of my stays in Athreya, I have met a lot of people from many different countries, that had repeated the Ayurveda treatment in Athreya. “Many of them had tried treatments at other places, some with very high luxury standards, but they all told me, that they always chose Athreya again, because of the medical experience with Dr. Sreejith”.

On asking Martha if she would like to talk about her experience she says “I really recommend this experience to everybody at least once in life. Even if you do not have a special sickness but you just want to have a healthier life”.

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