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Restoring the Body’s natural balance through Panchakarma

Being no stranger to Ayurvedic treatments, Natasha says she is very much familiar with the acclaimed Panchakarma or the cleansing treatment “I have been doing panchakarma since 2007 in different ayurvedic centres in India, so planning my next trip I was very attentive to the details mostly related to the medical procedure and spirit of the place overall”.

  • Patient Name: Natasha Gorbatyuk
  • Country: Moscow, Russia
  • Medical condition tested for: Detoxication of toxins from the body
  • Arrived with Symptoms: Need for improving mental health
  • Condition after treatment: Refreshment in body and mind after intense cleansing treatment

She says that she was in search of a real Ayurvedic centre, that included a specified diet, advanced yoga classes that were combined with excessive treatments, not to mention the authentic surroundings that provides a comfortable accommodation. 

As a guest arriving from Russia, when asked about her experience with Athreya, she says that she received a personalised care and from the doctors in Athreya, even before her arrival there, which impressed her the most. “I got professional opinion and detailed prognoses of my treating doctor, Dr. Sreejit, on my health status and desirable results of the treatments long before arrival to the resort”

She goes on to elaborate on the doctor’s approach saying that the patient’s health condition ad medical history will be analysed and determined before the beginning of the treatment. She claims that this approach of having a customised treating plan beforehand has greatly helped her to establish trust and effective communication with her doctors from the very first day of her arrival “His approach is based on deep evaluation of the medical history and current compliance of a client through live Skype conversations”. 

Natasha also mentions that the flexibility of treatment given to each patient is one of the main advantages of Athreya. The treatment process is not just constricted to the number of initially prescribed procedures but changes depending on the body’s response.

She compliments the fact that the medicine prescribed are in fact prepared within the premises. “All ayurvedic medicines you are given while and after the course are produced at the own pharmacy and proven by long-time experimental usage since their recipes passed from generation to generation of the family of Ayurvedic doctors, who established and run the resort”.

On speaking about her doctors, she relates to how they helped her blend in with the new surroundings. “Doctor Jayakrishnan and Doctor Jayalakshmi are personally involved not only at professional related questions but also very responsive to any client’s needs, ready to help with any issues. They surround guests with positive attitude and personal responsibility making our life in resort calm and relaxed” 

She claims that the comfortable and peaceful environment that surrounded her, along with the family-like attitude of the staff enhanced her experience. It played a huge role in enhancing her overall experience in Athreya compared to various other centres around the world. “the highly professional treatments brought excellent result and definitely will make me come back to the Athreya over and over again!” 

She approves of the Panchakarma treatment after analysing and experiencing its positive effects on her body. She recommends the process of detoxication for anybody who is seeking for the real Ayurvedic treatment and not just a spa. “Athreya is the best place ever under perfectly balanced Price-Results conditions. If you get a room faces the paddy field you will be granted with incredibly beautiful sunset performance you can enjoy from your terrace every evening”.

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