Short-term preparation to Athreya Ayurvedic centre

7  to 14  days BEFORE YOUR JOURNEY –




We are eagerly awaiting your arrival to help you achieve the goals of your journey to Athreya Ayurveda.

Time required to read this info:  8 minutes

Purpose of this mail: Following the below-mentioned recommendations are very important for your healing journey to us.

Please read the following

1.  To avoids the first 5 days of ‘’healing crisis’’ of discomforts and difficulties of detox,

please start avoiding or substantially removing the following items from your daily life  7 days  BEFORE arriving here.

These items are tea, coffee, beer, alcohol, cigarettes, online addictions, social media, energy drinks, non-vegetarian food, ice creams, salty spicy food items, water with ice cubes, white sugar in all forms, dairy products/ milk and yoghurt, raw salad white flour( maida),  germinated sprouts, drugs if any / habit-forming substances.

We do NOT provide any of these and we really wish you do not crave for the same in our campus. You may please start to AVOID daytime sleep, and nighttime sleep postponing as they harm our programme.

To achieve FASTER & DEEPER results at ATHREYA, 

Please start the following  7 days before your journey –

drinking hot water, using more fibre in food, adding more vegetarian food, steamed vegetables, Curcuma / turmeric, garlic in food.

On a different note, please bring with you, your preferred brands of personal toiletries/shampoo/ soaps/ including a hairdryer/yoga mat of your choice of quality just in case ours do not match your taste on the same.

We note we do NOT provide television sets in room/dress/bathrobes towards therapy room, 

hence if you wish it is best you bring with you old clothes worth throwing off as it may get oil and herbs smell that are strong and may not be useful for wearing later on. You may bring your favourite anti-mosquito spray too even if we provide Neem oil for external application here.

Therapy procedures can start as EARLY as  5 am [ not always – exceptionally few days ] 

2. The below are MANDATORY to-read articles which will prepare you in a perfect manner for getting the best impact of therapies at  from Athreya

3. Dr Sreejit personally takes printouts of your medical form about  2 weeks prior because he prefers STRICT confidentiality of your details. If you have any last moment info to be conveyed to us please reply to this email id Dr Sreejit is ready to receive   WhatsApp text or Telegram text to + 91 8075093245 – Dr’s medical discussion number.

4. Our Driver will be waiting for you at Piller number 9. Just in case you do not find him, NO PANICS, we will find you. Please call from a telephone booth our number + 91 7034712345 +917034471717 , +917034071717

5. A comfortable accommodation –cottage in main campus/room in Anexure building is reserved { based on your seniority in confirming with us} for you. For the smooth conduct of our operations in the peak season of Oct to march, we will NOT be able to make any changes in your accommodation that has been allocated. WE WILL TRY our best possible though. In march to Sept segment, we will have a few spare cottages to be flexible to your wishes.

6. Please inform us of any allergy to any food so that we can SPECIALLY prepare something SPECIAL -exclusively for you just in case our published food menu has something unacceptable/ allergic to you and you realize it on arrival.

Even if you have booked through an agency, then please ignore the funds transfer of   point 7 below mentioned

7 .A gentle reminder on our helplessness/ position regarding refunding -just in case there is any change in your plan/ abandoning the programme· Anyway you would have read this before booking with us. You can always utilize your funds or transfer your programme to any friend/ relative of your choice for utilizing the same for the next 3 years.

8. If you have spare time, Please utilise practical life-oriented ancient Ayurveda wisdom health tips from

This is Dr S P Sreejit’s initiative for training doctors and helping in the healing of patients unknown to him. 

This can be done even after arrival here and will be a good preparation for post-Athreya lifestyle and food habits.

NB –

female clients may bear in mind  -internal cleansing will be NOT done during your monthly periods/ menstrual days  time

NB -male clients are requested to shave or trim their hairy abdomen to help strong quality abdomen massages from day one itself