Next step to consult Dr SP SREEJIT, MD [Ayu ]  – Honorary Medical Director, Athreya Ayurvedic Centre

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Namaste to you  !

welcome your idea to consult Dr SP SREEJIT as we have received your  detailed medical form

as a next step to consult Dr  SP SREEJIT, MD [Ayu ], there are 2 different styles

1.       ‘’Discovery call “  – a zero fees call of  180 seconds [ maximum 300 seconds ] wherein

 you can verify with Dr SP Sreejit, the 3 most relevant questions verifying if Athreya Ayurvedic centre is worth your visit, basically verifying compatibility  between your needs and Athreya Ayurveda Centre’s services

2.       ‘’Realistic cure prospects call ‘’ -the best impact call of MAXIMUM  20 minutes that includes audio clips of selective comments,  for this

kindly deposit

Rs 1500 ONLY AFTER contacting +  91 7034712345 – Whatsapp/Telegram – Athreya’s helpline number

who will advise your convenient mode of payment – Gpay, RAZORPAY, PAYPAL, REVOLUT etc

+ 91  8075093245 [NIRVIGNA ] is theGpay account of Dr Sreejit [  IF YOU ARE IN INDIA ]

and please share a screenshot of payment  with+  91 7034712345 Athreya’s  helpline number & &

then we shall arrange for a mutually convenient  time slot for  medical consultation with Athreya’ Honorary Medical Director 

the above-mentioned action needs to be taken   

  ONLY if     

you wish for a detailed realistic cure prospects consultation, which is the MANDATORY step for booking at Athreya

on receiving proof of payment, It will usually  take a minimum of 1 to maximum of 4 days to complete detailed medical consultation


Athreya Ayurvedic centre Team