For guests reading before confirming medicines, a few days before departure

Respected esteemed guest, Namaste! 

as only a very short time is left for your return to your home,

based on the details from your medical form, your priorities and expectations mentioned before arrival to ATHREYA 

on the insights attained about your health during your stay here 

on the body-mind response you had to therapies, 

the most suitable list of herbs for enhancing future health benefits has been prepared by myself with the

name of medicines — { GOOGLEBLE mostly}, 

quantity in kgs, 

dosage, timing

purpose/ use/ indication

duration of usage -how long it is needed


all the above have been personally written and handed over to the front office/ pharmacy section

by this, my part is COMPLETELY over, 

if you are seriously keen to carry with you based on your available luggage space and medical enthusiasm,

please discuss and alert them, they shall assist in procuring the same

medicines once ordered by you and purchased on your behalf  will NOT be taken back by the front desk either at ATHREYA or after you have reached back home 

kindly RE consider AT LEAST twice before you order your medicine

please RE read the above-mentioned last line

only after your financial settlement is completed, they will buy for you and type your prescription formally in the software and then hand over the hard copy 

with abiding sincerity 

Dr SP Sreejit, MD [Ayu] -Honourary medical director