Obesity -the silent long term assassin – 

One of the major reasons for morbidity in our society but has promising results as per Ayurveda clinical practice. Obesity occurs when a person’s body mass index is 30 or greater. Overweight is for 25 to 29.9 BMI. Both these deserve urgent attention. Excessive body fat increases the risk of serious health problems. BMI is not the most reliable indicator though.

It is a simple fact that muscles are 18 % heavier than fat, so to declare a muscular person to be obese just by higher body weight is NOT technically correct!! Waistline assumes more relevance…rather abdomen girth is more relevant.

This clinical condition is rampant in our population from their 20s & 30s & 40s and even more beyond. One of the major reasons for a cascade of a host of other ailments of metabolism as per Ayurveda clinical practice. It comes under  ‘’ATHI STHOULYA / MEDO DUSHTI‘’  domain in Ayurveda. IT IS A PREDECESSOR OF MANY AILMENTS.

AYURVEDA in obesity. How effective?

By our residential based Panchakarma, most of our patients have reported a weight loss of 

5 to 7 % of the bodyweight they came with. Exceptionally some have lost up to 10 % of the bodyweight they came within 3 weeks span. They comment that they could hold on to their weight loss without much exercise or food discipline for minimum 12 months and then they started gaining weight and then they come back but the ones who continue the discipline of food and exercise maintain it.

Weight loss is a very unpredictable entity without any scope for guarantee.

The Good news is …by Ayurveda

Since this condition is fairly self diagnosable and self-treatable to great extent …Ayurveda has the best answer for this condition. The human body has a fantastic urge and capability to heal itself. Science of Ayurveda expects anyone to take ‘’control ‘’ of ones own health and also ‘’behave ‘’ to the laws of nature, people can ‘’modify ‘’ their health. The combined effort of medicines, therapies, food and lifestyle modifications, Yoga, exercises ..all these contribute to weight loss and more importantly SUSTAIN it !!

Things THAT MUST BE known by everyone-  Realistic Cure prospects ..what benefits will you get with Ayurveda at Athreya?

It is worthy to note that there is NO complete guarantee of weight loss programmes. It is a  varied response. 

Regarding tummy that is drooping/sagging while truncal/ abdominal obesity does respond .. 2 inches loss in 2 weeks is a reasonable expectation and fairly achievable. Generally, we do not find more than 3 inches loss of abdomen in 3 weeks. In our experience, not always a weight loss of even 8 kgs in 3 weeks reflects an inch loss in the abdomen. But we have had the following contrasts  7 kg lose in 10 days!  13 kgs loss in 40 days only 3 kg loss in 3 weeks! Average 2 to 2 and a half kg in one week ie. usually 6 to 7 kgs loss in 3 weeks.

Usually, there be a recurrence of fat if the strict regimen is not followed. 

But having made this narrative, patients with hormonal issues do not lose even more than 2 kgs in 3 weeks – ie. With hypothyroidism,  PCOS/PCOD, post-delivery etc ..most challenging aspect is hitting the plateau.

 What’s going wrong in the cure of Obesity in the modern medical field? 

Despite the best efforts by modern medicine /Allopathy, ‘’cure ‘’for obesity patients is NOT a fully satisfying section.

Up to 20% to 40 % of the general population suffer from obesity/overweight / dangerously high waistline circumference –above 35 inches in ladies, above 40 inches in men and majority of these people invariably suffer from complications of obesity.

Even after doing hardcore fasting and high-intensity exercises, people complain about RE bound weight gain, symptoms like lethargy, foggy brain,  shortness of breath on climbing staircases, and lack of agility and stamina also with other undesirable symptoms that diminish the quality of life.

How to come to proper diagnosis

So a qualified medical practitioner must be approached for a clear cut differential diagnosis to reach a conclusive evidence-based diagnosis of Obesity. Obesity has many causative factors other than just faulty food & lifestyle patterns. Genetic, hormonal, sluggish metabolism are important factors too.

Some times it may be medications like antidepressants, anti-epilepsy medications, antipsychotic medications,  steroids, anti-diabetes medications and beta-blockers that cause obesity

Potential sufferings…RED FLAGS…

Untreated obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and also certain cancers. Majority of breast cancer patients have bulky breast and obesity along with it. Clogging of arteries of lower limbs is a big threat for many. Sexual dysfunctions, gastrointestinal ailments related to gallbladder

The following are based on clinical experiences found routinely in our clinical life.

4 sorts of Special clinical experiences –


Low Glycemic index is the key in food management – non-starchy vegetables and pulses are good examples. It helps to be on a 2 proper meal formula with a  pattern of intermittent fasting. 

The weekly sacrifice of 6000 calories is ideal with one day reserved for indulgence as most get complacent with ‘’strictness oneself  ‘’  while nothing can substitute any professional advice

‘’HOME bound ‘’ REMEDY 

45 minutes of exercise –6 day a week is the minimum requirement.

it does help in regular use of Triphala powder mixed with honey, barley, sesame seed, iron tablets used with citric medium, like lemon. Of special mention is bansouf in Hindi ( Dill seeds ) Anethum Sowa -these take care of various aspects of PCOS in a limited capacity.


Often ignored by many general physicians is the role of sources of calcium, vitamin, Magnesium, zinc  & the Vitamin B complex in the faster healing weight reductio, metabolism enhancement, maintaining normal sugar levels

Yoga postures for Obesity 

It is sensible to avoid long-distance running for the obese till the knee joint is safeguarded. Damage to knee joint makes a  tough outcome in long run. Hence brisk walking assumes more significance.

Sun salutation-at least 25 sets, Cobra pos, Shoulder stance are very relevant in healing in long run. Yoga Nidra and meditation assume a lot of significance in reducing anxiety.

What do we provide?

In Athreya based on our 5 generations of experience, even before your arrival, through a meticulous online-telemedical consultation with the Chief physician, we try our best to help you understand WHAT can be the ROOT CAUSE of your ailment and guide you in food and lifestyle aspects modification -if the need be.

The condition may be even treatable by our patient-level OPD management though the pace of cure will be slow. A thorough 3 weeks of Panchakarma enables a major thrust to progress in healing. We have food pattern that is spartan and panchakarma therapies make a lasting effect for the  next 12 to max 16 months

Herbal water rinsing therapy to remove subcutaneous oedema ..  Snehapana -consuming herbal ghee or herbal oil in a supervised monitored protocol, herbal enemas, dry herbal powder massages etc are few of the many therapies employed by us to achieve weight loss and to sustain it in long run.

The treatments provided by Ayurveda at Athreya is aimed at cure of disease and its Non-recurrence and we try our best to deliver results based on the road map of recovery of your health. There are common protocols of therapies and also special protocols too. Therapies are tailor-made suiting every individual as NOT ALL SIZE FITS ONE !! 

We have combined traditional Ayurvedic techniques with necessary modern diagnostic techniques for permanent & side effects-free treatment. We offer complete care and safety, with proper hygiene checks and safety measures to protect you from any health issues. 

Weight Management 
Everyone wants to look their best and feel their best. This gets hindered by our weight and makes us feel insecure about ourselves. Overeating is the most common reason for overweight. This leads to the accumulation of excess fat in the body leading to overweight and obesity

Many times, genetic reasons could also result in weight issues. It’s important that one understands their ideal weight and remains well under and above minimum and maximum weight advisable.

Causes of Obesity

We must rule out the exact cause
Usually, our food habits like an energy-rich diet with more processed food with lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle are the two main reasons for being overweight.

We must also consider genetic factors and hormonal imbalances. Diseases which are leading to hormonal imbalances like Hypo-euthyroidism, Hypo-glycemic agent resistance, PCOS and Cushing’s syndrome also contribute to overweight and obesity.

Overweight or Obesity can lead you to the following conditions:

• High blood pressure

• Cholesterol issues

• Type 2 Diabetics

• Heart Diseases

• Stroke

• Sleep Apnea

• Poor quality of life

• Fatigue 

• Mental illness

• Constant drowsiness

• Anaemia

• Metabolic Syndrome

• Osteoarthritis

•  Depression

•  Cancer 

Prevention and Management of overweight in Ayurveda

Food habits like taking light food & includes slow-releasing carbohydrates like wheat, barley & reducing oily food

In lifestyle, including more physical activities like Yoga, Cardio Workouts, Breathing exercises

Avoiding sedentary lifestyle

Proper sleep pattern is also important

What do we offer in Athreya Ayurvedic centre?

In Athreya, we combine both internal and external therapies with activities like Yoga for weight loss. The main purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is to improve metabolism. So, It is a continuous process and it takes at least 14 – 28 days

External therapies include Udwarthanam, Podi Kizhi, Dhanyamala Dhara, Medhahara Massage.

Internal therapies include Sadhyovamanam, Sadhyo VIrechana, Vasti [Leghana Vasti]

Even after completing the course of treatment, the patient has to continue the diet and the exercise which is advised by the Doctors at Athreya Ayurvedic Centre to get optimum results.
-Dr. Jayalakshmi. G