Low Back pain is a high rampant clinical condition bothering from the 20s to late 70s.

What’s going wrong in the cure of backache in the modern medical field?

Despite the best efforts by modern medicine/Allopathy, cure and relief for backache patients is NOT a fully satisfying section. The constant, rampant and sometimes over the counter purchase and habit of consumption of painkillers are a threat to health by causing kidney damage in large areas of society. Even after doing surgeries, people complain about RECURRENCE of their symptoms and other side effects that make life miserable.

Things to know by anyone – Anatomy and reasons of low backache 

Humans have an S-shaped spine, 33 vertebrae ( bones ) make up the alignment of the whole range, and there is ALWAYS a tendency for the cervical ( neck ) and lumbar ( lower back ) to get injured or disease affected. Lumbar is more prone to degenerative disc diseases. Ayurveda has the best answer for that, i.e. in degenerative disc disease.

Low backache can be due to modifiable and non-modifiable causes. The textbook of medicine that Ayurveda doctors study narrates that low backache can be broadly classified into 12 medical and 12 surgical reasons.

Which type of low backache are you suffering? -How much better do you get?

  • Inflammatory –easiest to cure 
  • Degenerative -challenging but manageable with good quality of life 
  • Neoplastic / cancer –worst prognosis -nearly impossible to cure 

The following are based on clinical experiences found routinely in our clinical life.

Tips to differentiate [ with reasonable reliability ]  the three varieties of backache –

Inflammatory, Degenerative, Neoplastic / cancer

  • Inflammatory –is when the patient has  MORE pain on waking up from sleep, more after getting up from resting position gets relief/ease by activity, back  ‘’stiff’’ mornings. 
  • Degenerative – is when the patient has  MORE pain on doing an activity, more pain when exposed to cold weather, relief/eased by rest. 
  • Neoplastic / cancer –is when pain is CONSTANT .. no matter whatever is done ..pain persists.

Hence knowing WHAT IS CAUSING  low backache is a crucial aspect.

The reason for the low backache can be ‘’back area or NON-back area. But to further zero in the pathology involved to a more understandable terminology, it’s easier to utilise the following criteria.

Special clinical experiences –

Before concluding a targeted therapy, it is crucial to make RE  thinking about ergonomics [work relate] to posture adjustment.

The basic understanding that every patient must have  [ and also Ayurveda doctors]   is what is the ROOT CAUSE / PRECISE DIAGNOSIS of the low backache, can it be EFFECTIVELY treated by Ayurveda? When to refer to a surgeon or even a cancer specialist? 

Red flags –BEWARE  !!

It is essential to be aware of the RED FLAGS reasons for lower backache …

‘’SUDDEN GIVING AWAY ‘’ happens in muscle strain, ligament sprain, disc prolapse  – Many a time an elderly lady may have got compression fracture due to osteoporosis and these do NOT deserve jerky therapies done by ‘’ muscle manipulators ‘’. 

A simple test called SLR-Straight leg raising test helps to know the situation better.

Based on our clinical practice (and failures)  It is appropriate to consider seeking services of a surgeon if any patient develops  ‘’Saddle ‘’ anaesthesia, bladder and bowel incontinence, foot drop ..  these DESERVE SURGERY in all probability.

What we provide

In Athreya based on our five generations of experiences, even before your arrival, through a thorough online telemedical consultation with the Chief physician, we try our best to help you understand WHAT can be the ROOT CAUSE of your ailment and guide you in food and lifestyle aspects modification -if the need be. The condition may be even treatable by our patient-level OPD management. We offer complete care and safety, with proper hygiene checks and safety measures to protect you from any health issues. 

The treatments provided by Ayurveda at Athreya is aimed at cure of disease and its NON-recurrence. Therapies include Panchakarma and other modalities. There are standard protocols of therapies and also unique protocols too. Treatments are tailor-made suiting every individual as NOT ALL SIZE FITS ONE !! 

We have combined traditional Ayurvedic techniques with necessary modern diagnostic methods for permanent & side effects-free treatment.