5 days before departure from Athreya Ayurveda centre

Namaste to you respected dear health seeker,

Before you finally move out of the therapy programs of Athreya Ayurveda,

I must bring to your notice that After the completion of the Panchakarma [DETOXFYING] process that has been done here – after care herbs of Rasayana nature [ REGENERATING / BODY FORTIFICATION ] have profound significance to sustain the benefits attained here.

The benefits you have attained here may last/sustain as low as 3 months to as high as 2 or even 3 years of leaving the ATHREYA Ayurveda program.

it is highly variable…

Based on my regular interaction with you here,
the prescription of the most suitable list of herbs for your health condition/s has/ have been prepared by me
and handed over to front office staff with name, indication[ in coded form -known only to you] and dosage.

Staff will/can provide you with details about the cost, mass/weight and duration of these herbs. For any meaningful impact .. minimum requirement is for 3 months and maximum of 6 months and rarely one year.

Should you be interested in a discussion on this, please feel free to make the final consultation NOT later than 4 days before departure/check out.

Before we make the final discussion
it will be in your best interest to ensure that

failing to take the above actions may or may NOT make you lose benefits

but DENIES you many many gains that you actually deserve from the stay here

the human body and mind- both have a GREAT ABILITY and URGE to heal

I do not have a second chance with anyone, we as a team have done our best possible for your welfare..

Me and my team are at your service by online support – if the need be so..

Dr S P Sreejit , MD [Ayu]
Dr Jayalakshmi G , B.AM.S