3 days after arrival to Athreya

Kind attention respected dear health seeker

If you have undergone the initial set of general cleansings

It is relevant to give thought to the 5 senses of the body

eyes being the most important of them,

unless you have stomatitis, infections, ulcerations on/ in the tongue.
the ‘detox paste‘ placed on the dining table is to be applied over the tongue surface

AFTER food – 5 to 10 minutes -every day 3 times a day
and can be removed if it is very difficult to bear its pungent taste

nearly 7000 taste buds on the tongue surface get good treatment by the paste
as oral cavity has a MAJOR role in food digestion
and ultimately in ENHANCING metabolism

please have a thorough consideration of this graph/chart

Athreya Ayurveda team is at your service

Dr S P Sreejit , MD [Ayu]
Dr Jayalakshmi G , B.AM.S