Cancer Care

Dr Sreejit SP, MD [ Ayu] who is a long time opd attendee /clinic student of Dr CP Mathew MBBS MS, DMR is involved in the arduous special task of documenting the cancer patients therapy and outcome feedback.
Thanks to the very intensive training imparted by his great experienced mentor, by online he is regularly -on daily basis -training  210 doctors of AYUSH & ALLOPATHY who are keen to learn and practice the INTEGRATED APPROACH OF CANCER CURE formulated by Dr CP Mathew over the last 36 years out of his 61 years of clinical experiences. The youtube channel MISSION REVIVAL was created in 2020 for this purpose.
Due to the documentation work and regular liaison of follow up consultations with these patients, Dr Sreejit ( on behalf of Dr CP Mathew ) is sharing the clinical lessons of the 8000 plus advanced-stage cancer patients treated ( with varying degree of success)  by INTEGRATED APPROACH OF CANCER CURE   by his mentor.

This page hopes to serve to provide some light to suffering patients of cancer and their family members to make the best possible decision for finding relief or cure or non-recurrence of cancer. Online guidance is made by Dr SP Sreejit who has the support of other Ayurvedic oncologists too.

Currently, offline direct face to face consultations at opd clinic of Dr CP Mathew sir is available by contacting Cherian ashram on a pre-booking arrangement.